Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hend Sabry Sexy Hot Breast

Hend Sabry was born November, 1979 in Tunisia. She studied in lycee francais de Tunis. In 2001 she got law license at the faculty of law of Tunis. Hend Sabry done masters in law (intellectual property and copyright) in 2004. Sabry started her career with movie (The Silences Of The Palaces) at the age of 14. Deep and expressive stares into the silence of a Tunisian bourgeois palace characterized her solid performance and earned the praise of both Arab and international critics.After a series of roles in lesser known Tunisian films, controversial Egyptian director Inas Al Daghidi cast her in “The Diary of a Teenager,” a candid look at the world of a young Egyptian teenager. Though critically acclaimed, the film thrust her into the Egyptian film industry and helped create a perception of her as an actress with fewer moral inhibitions than her Egyptian counterparts.  Hend sabry was also appointed as Ambassador against Hunger by “The United Nations World Food Program”. Hend will support WFP in its fight against hunger in developing countries around the world especially in the Middle East region.


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